SUPER EUGLENA - Quality Control


Cultivating & Processing Euglena

Super Euglena’s formulation process begins at the Euglena Co. Ltd. manufacturing technology research facility in Ishigaki Island (Okinawa Prefecture) where it is cultivated with exposure to sunlight and submersion in a crystal-clear water that is rich in minerals. This initial process has earned Euglena Co. Ltd. the FSSC 220001 certification.

After cultivating, euglena is then processed at a Dietary Supplement GMP2 compliant factory in Japan. As capsules are being filled, air conditioning and sanitation standards are strictly managed. The capsules go through multiple check stations to ensure the quality is of the highest standard, care, and safety.

※1 A set of international food safety standards developed by the Foundation for Food Safety System Certification (FSSC). By manufacturing and managing processes according to these strict standards, Naturally Plus ensures the highest safety level of food products.

※2 Dietary Supplement GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) refers to a standard that can be implemented on work processes and appropriate quality checks for the manufacture of quality products.