A Deeper Look at Euglena

Euglena is a living plant-animal hybrid microalgae – like plants, it can carry out photosynthesis; like animals, it has the ability to move on its own. Although tiny (only 0.05mm seen under a microscope), euglena has an abundance of beneficial nutrients. It’s an organism that has led to a rise in popularity amongst scientists and those interested in accessing the health benefits provided.

In total, it contains 59 types of nutrients commonly found in vegetables such as vitamins and minerals, as well as nutrients found in meat in fish, including DHA, EPA, and amino acids. Unlike plant cells, euglena does not have hard cellulose cell walls and makes its nutrients to be easily digested and absorbed by humans.

How Paramylon Helps Break Down and Eliminate Unwanted Dietary Substances

The microscopic pores in euglena’s sponge-like structure exists because of a unique complex carbohydrate known as paramylon, a β-glucan polymer. Paramylon is a specialized carbohydrate (similar to starch) that allows it to function as a form of energy storage, enabling the organism to move around and survive long periods of light deprivation.

While β-glucan can be found in mushrooms and other fungi, paramylon can only be found inside euglena. Inside the body, paramylon functions like a dietary fiber, which helps to break down and eliminate unwanted dietary substances in the body that aren’t as easily removed through normal means.

The Impact of White Euglena

The euglena present in Super Euglena has an astoundingly high amount of paramylon content. In comparison, typical Euglena found in the wild has an average of 15% paramylon concentration, whereas the one developed for Super Euglena contains 55% paramylon concentration. This 55% paramylon concentration is the first of its kind and is the industry-leading benchmark among euglena dietary consumables.

This product is the result of the combined efforts and partnership between Naturally Plus and Euglena Co. Ltd., the pioneer of Euglena research and the driving force behind the Euglena research boom. Naturally Plus is the only company that has been given the designation of “Euglena gracilis EX55” for this strain of Euglena.