Achieving Overall Health & Beauty From the Inside Out

Over the past 50 years, the consumption of meat, snacks, and processed junk food high in fatty oils and preservatives have increased due to the rise of unhealthy habits and diets. In recent years, irregular eating routines such as late-night binging and fast food have become increasingly trendy. Many people have cited their lack of time from busy schedules as the main reason why a balanced diet is difficult to maintain. However, a new healthy superfood known as euglena has quickly become a hot topic as a consumable for good health.

Naturally Plus has focused its attention on paramylon -- a constituent unique to euglena known for assisting in the break down and elimination of unwanted dietary substances in the body that aren’t easily removed through normal means. Together with Euglena Co. Ltd., Naturally Plus has cultivated “white euglena” that contains more than 55% of paramylon.

Learning to cope with today’s stresses and pressures have had an adverse effect on how people handle and maintain proper health. Super Euglena is a means to bridge that gap, and when taken with Naturally Plus’ IZUMIO and Super Lutein (or MIRTO+), the end result is a trifecta in maintaining optimal wellness and health from the inside out.

Naturally Plus’ Continuous Support

In January 2022, Naturally Plus Co. Ltd. announced its sponsorship for the “Euglena GENKI Program”, a social contribution campaign organized by Euglena Co. Ltd.

Under this program, a portion of Super Euglena sales proceeds go directly into the production and delivery of nutrient-rich cookies made with euglena. These cookies are then distributed to Bangladeshi children for free. Each serving contains 6 euglena cookies, providing malnourished children with sufficient daily nutrients.

This contribution exponentially increases with every purchase of Super Euglena, and it’s a way to give back to underserved and underprivileged populations and communities. The decision to support and sponsor this program worked perfectly with Naturally Plus’ philosophy to promote wellness and healthy living worldwide.