Super Euglena’s Formulation

In addition to the euglena (and paramylon) content, Super Euglena incorporates two vital ingredients that are important for good intestinal bacteria. The first ingredient is one that is exclusive to Naturally Plus called Flora Peptide™.

Flora Peptide™ is an ingredient derived from milk protein and is compatible with good intestinal bacteria in the gut. This ingredient is contained within a two-layered coating that makes it resistant to digestion by gastric acid and allows it to effectively reach the large intestine.

The second unique ingredient to Super Euglena is a Xylo-oligosaccharides (XOS), a type of polymer of sugar xylos that selectively feed beneficial bacteria to the digestive tract for overall gut health. Compared to other oligosaccharides, XOS are effective even in small amounts, making it ideal in Super Euglena’s formulation.

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