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Analysis of Skincare Procedures

The skin will change due to personal constitution, age, health status, diet, external environment and other conditions. In terms of finding the right products to add to your skincare regimen, it is important to understand your skin condition and maintain your skincare routine to help achieve better results.

Three Simple Steps of Skincare: Cleaning, Conditioning, and Protection


When the skin is exposed to the air for a long time, the surface is prone to dirt, and its own oil, sweat, dead skin, etc., and it may block pores and cause skin problems to follow. Cleansing is the first step in any skin care regimen. Only after the skin is cleansed that can the subsequent care products be absorbed at a better rate. The correct face wash is not just to allow the skin to absorb the care products, but also to clean up the accumulated dirt and dead skin so the most basic thing every day necessity is to wash your face clean. Cleaning includes "makeup remover" and "face wash."

As air pollution becomes more and more serious, it is recommended that even if you don’t use make up, you are still advised to use make up remover and/or wash your face. The correct cleaning sequence is to remove makeup from your face and then use a face wash after.


After you have cleansed your face, the skin's moisturizing factors will be lost. It is important to follow up with products containing moisturizing ingredients to hydrate your skin. The lotion or cream provides skin oil, which allows the skin epidermis to form a protective film to prevent water evaporation and nutrient loss. Between the lotion and cream, you can choose the essence with properties that help with your own needs such as: anti-aging, whitening, moisturizing, leading and other functions. The essence you choose should contain high-concentration beauty ingredients. Gently massage the moisturizing beauty serums on your face to strengthen its absorption rate. Therefore, it is recommended to perform at least the following procedures daily: "make-up remover/face wash → essence → emulsion / cream", as a complete set of the conditioning process.


With age, it is normal for the skin to show signs of aging, but ultraviolet radiation can easily cause melanin production and accelerate skin conditions. Without prolonged sun protection, your skin may see signs of enlarged pores, sagging skin, and fine lines. To keep your skin from aging at an accelerated rate, sunscreen is vital. Before going out every day, remember to use sunscreen products to build an invisible protective net for the skin, protect against aging problems caused by ultraviolet rays and the environment. Sunscreens also strengthen the skin's defense barrier and activate the skin's defense power.