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The Aging Conundrum

Some of us, after the age of 30, have noticed that our faces might look a little different. One morning, you might notice that your skin looks a little dull and isn’t as smooth. You might have also felt that some of your favorite skincare products aren’t doing as good of a job.

You may not know that your skin also has its own metabolic system in place, and this metabolism controls cellular and dermal self-exfoliation and self-healing, and maintains collagen production. As we get older, our body’s metabolism slows down, and that’s when we might notice some imperfections like lines and wrinkles. If we don’t do something about this, the body will continue to accelerate skin aging.

Beauty experts said:
“Because there are too many factors harmful to the skin in the current environment, the chance of skin aging is relatively increased. It is recommended to use products that ‘introduce’ the ability to help repair and condition the skin, and enhance its absorption capacity. This helps stimulate and condition the skin so that other essential ingredients can be absorbed to attain the perfect skin texture.”

Features of Cosmetic Fermentation

Scientists and beauticians have made advancements to professional fermentation technology where the ingredients are enriched with precious “living enzyme energy”. After fermentation, the molecules become smaller which allows for easier absorption and increases the variety of active ingredients.

Ease of Absorption

Resulting from the process, molecules become small enough to be absorbed into the stratum corneum.

Increase in Ingredient Characteristics

Fermentation “energizes” the power of the ingredient through higher numbers, thereby enhancing effectiveness.

Creation of New Ingredients

Fermentation creates vitamins and minerals, their existence alone synthesizes the creation of new skin health ingredients.