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Aluminum Film Packaging

Hydrogen is the smallest element in existence and capable of permeating through almost anything. In order to prevent the hydrogen from escaping, IZUMIO is packed in a four-layer aluminum film package. This packaging not only prevents foreign particles from entering, it keeps the hydrogen gas from leaking. In order to keep IZUMIO fresh and abundant of hydrogen, direct delivery of products is crucial. Leaving hydrogen enriched beverages on shelves of retail stores is absolutely a false practice. At Naturally Plus, the whole injection process is carried out in a safe and sterile environment where the packing is filled with hydrogen enriched water until it overfills. The cap is screwed on tightly.

Deaeration Process

Oxygen and other gasses take up space in the water. In order to maximize the hydrogen content of IZUMIO, Naturally Plus has adopted technology commonly used during surgery. Naturally Plus is the first to use such complex technology. The process is composed of two processes, “deaeration” and “membrane dissolution.” "Deaeration" refers to the process during which oxygen is being removed from water. The hollow fiber membrane is in a vacuum state. When water flows through the hollow fibers, the oxygen in the water is removed through the pores of the hollow fiber membrane.

Air Intake Device

The "air intake device" injects hydrogen into water (membrane dissolution).
After the surrounding area of the hollow fiber membrane is filled with hydrogen, the de-oxygenated (water removed of oxygen and other gasses) water will be released through the membrane. The hydrogen will be absorbed through the pores engineered into the membrane and dissolved into water. This membrane dissolution technology is used specifically for medical treatment such as aiding artificial lung functions.

Oxidation and Reduction Potential

Also known as Redox Potential, the oxidation-reduction potential is one way to quantify whether a substance is a strong oxidizing agent or a strong reducing agent. Oxidation is the process of losing Hydrogen, while reduction is the process of gaining Hydrogen. Examples of oxidizing agents include oxygen, hydrogen peroxide, sulfuric acid, acid rain, tap water, chlorine, etc. The rusting process of metal is a good way to visualize the negative effects of oxidation. IZUMIO reduction potential is one of the highest you can find in water with measured potential of -500 to -700 mV.

High Concentration of Hydrogen

Did you know that Hydrogen can be found at varying concentrations in natural springs around the world? Some of the more famous springs with higher concentrations of Hydrogen have been researched for potential health benefits. IZUMIO has one of the highest measurements of Hydrogen concentration. Using modern technology, IZUMIO has achieve Hydrogen concentration measuring 3.3 ppm (parts per million) or 3.3 mg of Hydrogen per liter upon fill up. IZUMIO is a convenient and efficient way to replenish your cells with the Hydrogen to help protect against the harmful effects of oxidation.

Superior Naturally Tasting Water

Did you know that water these days cost more than gasoline? More and more people are realizing the importance of quality water not only for hydration, but also for maintaining health. To transport the maximum amount Hydrogen efficiently as technologically possible, Naturally Plus has adopted water as the carrier. In order for our customers to be able to enjoy a beverage on a daily basis and for our product to be accepted by anyone in the world, we felt the importance of keeping IZUMIO flavor free. A soft touch to the tongue and a superior natural tasting water helps quench your thirst.

Neutral PH Level

Sustaining a well-balanced body PH level is very important in maintaining good health. IZUMIO has a neutral rating of 7. On a scale of 0 – 14, 0 is highly acidic while 14 is highly alkaline. By saturating the water with hydrogen molecules (H2), we are capable of increasing the Redox potential of IZUMIO, while keeping the water from going acidic. IZUMIO provides you with hydrogen without sacrificing PH quality.

Deaeration Process
Deaeration Process
Dissolution Process
Dissolution Process
Cheer Pack
Cheer Pack