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IZUMIO is a delicious, high-quality, natural water infused with hydrogen. IZUMIO contains water from the serene countryside of Japan, which is the source of hydrogen that provides antioxidative benefits. Thoroughly researched by the head scientist Shigeo Ohta, Ph.D., a co-author of one of the first studies published on the antioxidative benefits of hydrogen, IZUMIO has become a household name for hydrogenized water.

IZUMIO has become the number-one-selling hydrogenized water in the Japanese market.*

* Based on research data from the hydrogenized water market in Japan, 2010 - 2019, performed by IPSOS in 2020.

What is Antioxidation?

It may seem ironic. Although oxygen sustains life, too much of it causes a lot of damage to our bodies; it can make the human body deteriorate due to the presence of free radicals. Free radicals are uncharged molecules that damage our cells, DNA, and proteins when they oxidize. Basically, free radicals are stealing electrons from our cells! Another example of oxidation is rust, which gets created when iron bonds (oxidizes) with oxygen. When our bodies age, they deteriorate too – just like any metal exposed too long to the elements. However, help is available! Antioxidants help by taking the extra oxygen from our bodies, combining it with other elements, and preventing the development of additional free-radical molecules.

A History of Success and Development

Since its launch in April 2007 in Japan, IZUMIO has become the number-one-selling hydrogenized water in the Japanese market. * As scientific research efforts identify more and more health benefits of hydrogen, IZUMIO has become extremely popular in other markets too. IZUMIO--yet another pioneering product from Naturally Plus--is finding success in the American market today and, by all indications, will succeed for decades to come.

Why Use Water as the Carrier?

Without water, there would be no life on this planet. The human body is often referred to as a miniature universe that would not function without water. In fact, nearly all of the major systems in our body depend on water. Water functions a regulator of body temperature, it helps with lubricating the joints, protects the organs and tissues in our body. Water carries nutrients and oxygen to our cells, lessens the burden on the kidneys and liver by flushing out waste products, and helps with preventing constipation. Water moistens tissue, such as those in the mouth, eyes, nose and skin. Water forms the basis of blood, digestive juices, urine and perspiration and is contained in lean muscle, fat and bones. Not drinking sufficient amounts of water, causes dehydration, increases the risk of kidney stones and in women, urinary tract infections. If you are going to drink water, why not drink quality water?

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