What is hydrogen water?

Hydrogen water is water that contains extra hydrogen gas ,added to it through the deaeration and membrane dissolution processes. The deaeration process refers to the process in where oxygen is removed from the water while membrane dissolution is the process in where hydrogen is injected into the water.

Regular water does have hydrogen in it, at a low concentration.

How can I achieve optimal results from drinking hydrogen water?

We recommend taking the daily dose of hydrogen water as stated on the box. One pouch of IZUMIO daily should provide optimal results though you may take more if you wish.

What is the result from drinking hydrogen water?

Studies have shown that hydrogen water may work as an antioxidant and reduce inflammation.

IZUMIO uses hydrogenized water to bond with over-saturated active oxygen species in bodies to prevent the development of cells harmed by free radicals. As an antioxidant, hydrogen water can contribute an electron to a free radical so that the free radical does not take an electron from healthy atoms in the body. Common antioxidants are fruits and vegatables, but hydrogen molecules are the most powerful form of antioxidants.

Hydrogen rich water can be absorbed into the intestine within a minute and spread throughout the body within 10 minutes.

What does hydrogen water taste like?

IZUMIO is flavor-free. It has a soft touch to the pallet and a superior natural and clean taste to help quench your thirst.

Where can I purchase IZUMIO?

You may purchase IZUMIO through Naturally Plus USA as an independent distributor (member). You can register to become a member online or if you have been referred to Naturally Plus by an existing member, you may order online through the member’s marketing site. You may also register as a member yourself and purchase in person at the NPUSA Las Vegas Salon/Pop Up.

What is the recommended daily dose?

You may consume one pouch of IZUMIO a day though you may choose to consume more if you would like.

What is the product shelf life?

IZUMIO has a typical expiration date a year and half from its production date. NPUSA recommends consuming a pouch of IZUMIO a day within six months from your purchase date. NPUSA does not guarantee the amount of hydrogen is found in each pouch as that depends on how the end user stores IZUMIO.

IZUMIO should be stored upside down as packaged in the box and in room temperature away from direct sunlight.

How is IZUMIO packaged?

Hydrogen is the smallest element and is able to permeate through almost anything. Neither glass nor plastic packaging can prevent the hydrogen from escaping. IZUMIO is packed in a four-layer aluminum film package. This not only prevents foreign particles from entering, but it also keeps the hydrogen from escaping.

What is the pricing for IZUMIO?

Pricing depends on the membership/customer type. Affiliates (independent distributors) earn the biggest discount per box compared to Preferred Members and Retail Customers. For further details, please call the Customer Service Department at (800) 378-0321.

There are other forms of hydrogen water available – in stick and tablet form. How is IZUMIO different?

Hydrogen tablets and sticks are typically added to water. Hydrogen molecules can easily dissipate when consumed through glass containers or plastic packaging. For optimum results, IZUMIO water is packaged in a four-layer aluminum package designed to retain hydrogen molecules in the water. Since IZUMIO water is packaged to drink as-is, there is no need for any other steps, making it very convenient for consumers.

What are the key benefits for drinking hydrogen water?

Hydrogen water can have many benefits such as the ability to increase your energy, improve recovery after a workout, help reduce inflammation.

Will I be charged tax on my purchase?

Depending on your place or residence, you may or may not be charged on your purchase of IZUMIO water. The rate of sales tax you may be charged will also depend on your state of residence.

What are my payment options?

You may order online using your debit/credit card or order in person at the NPUSA Las Vegas Salon/Pop Up using your debit/credit card.

Are there documented effects of drinking hydrogen water?

The health benefits of hydrogen have been published in the American Journal of Food and Nutrition and the International Journal of Clinical Medicine.

What is the difference between hydrogen water and alkaline water?

Hydrogen water is water that has been infused with hydrogen molecules. Alkaline water is water that has a higher pH balance than that found in regular water.

Alkaline water has been noted to have therapeutic advantages when it comes to reducing acid in the digestive tract. It has also been noted to be a good acid-buffer for people with acid reflux issues.

Hydrogen water has been shown to have extensive health benefits. It has been shown to alleviate many symptoms associated with a variety of illnesses and restore certain aspects of our health.

The health benefits of hydrogen have been published in the American Journal of Food and Nutrition and the International Journal of Clinical Medicine.

Is the IZUMIO pouch package BPA Free?

Yes, the pouch (the plastic layer most importantly) has been tested for BPA and the pouches are BPA Free.

What kind of technology was used in order to increase the hydrogen content to 3.3ppm?

By improving the hydrogen water production process and increasing the pressure, the hydrogen concentration during filling was increased.

Does Naturally Plus have a patent on the way IZUMIO is stored upside-down in the packaging box?

In 2021, Naturally Plus obtained a patent on the way IZUMIO pouches are oriented upside-down during shipment.

What are the benefits of going from 2.6ppm to 3.3ppm?

The advantage is that the hydrogen dissolution rate can be maintained for a longer period of time.

When will the product with the new 3.3ppm content arrive?

All of the products we are currently delivering have an average filling rate of 3.3 ppm.

Is IZUMIO halal-certified?

IZUMIO is manufactured by Shefco Kanuma, which is halal-certified.