USA Leadership

USA Leadership

NPUSA Executive Team

The best of both worlds. The NPUSA Executive Team is a blend of talent, experience and cultural values of the East and the West that create a powerful and unique synergy. The team is dedicated to changing lives of those around the world through specially designed nutritional supplements and rewarding opportunities. The NPUSA executive team’s decades of experience in the direct selling industry in two of the largest markets in the world means that they know how to help Affiliates achieve their success. The team works hard to ensure that every Affiliate is resourced with the optimal environment to create their NPUSA success story. Achieve your reality that exceeds all of your dreams through NPUSA.

NPUSA CEO and Director of Naturally Plus Japan

Beginning his career with an explosive success in the industry as a top distributor in a Japanese MLM company, earning several million USD in his 20’s, Takashi joined Naturally Plus as an executive in charge of opening one of the first offices overseas in Taiwan and Hong Kong. With more than a decade of involvement, as a skilled trainer, he has guided hundreds of Naturally Plus Affiliates in Asia to achieve their success, and now, he takes the lead to bringing that opportunity to the United States.

Takashi Tajima
NPUSA's CEO Takashi Tajima Introduction (1:48)