The History of Success Since 1999


Naturally Plus constantly strives to deliver the very best to the world, a step ahead of the others. Since launching in Japan, Naturally Plus has grown exponentially throughout the world. Entering the market with a single product, Super Lutein, Naturally Plus sold over 100 million USD during its third year. During the fifth year, annual sales exceeded 300 million USD. In 2015 Naturally Plus USA (NPUSA) introduced its second product in the U.S.---hydrogen-enriched water, IZUMIO. Worldwide Naturally Plus offers more than a dozen products, in the nutritional and toiletries/cosmetics markets. The Naturally Plus market includes more than 150 countries and regions all over the world.

NPUSA's Making History (02:39)

April 2019
Opens HAWAII POP UP in the U.S.
September 2018
NPUSA launches top-grade flagship product MIRTO+
April 2017
IZUMIO has its 10-year anniversary
April 2017
Opens 5th Salon in Malaysia
August 2015
IZUMIO becomes available in the U.S.
July 2015
Launch of Naturally Plus in Vietnam
June 2015
Opens third Salon in Indonesia
June 2015
Launch of Naturally Plus in Philippines
February 2015
Opens sixth Salon in Taiwan
September 2014
Opens Second Salon in Indonesia
June 2014
Establishment and Launch of NPUSA in the United States
March 2014
Opens fifth Salon in Taiwan
October 2013
Opens 4th Salon in Malaysia
October 2013
Announce the Launch of NPUSA in 2014
September 2013
Launch of Naturally Plus in Thailand
October 2012
Launch of the premium version of Super Lutein Mirto Plus
July 2012
Opens fourth Salon in Taiwan
March 2012
Launch of dietary supplement Purificar
February 2012
2nd generation Paramylon ARX - increased paramylon content
August 2011
Establish Tohoku Earthquake Fund
August 2011
Launch of the Aurage Series
June 2011
Launch of Naturally Plus in Indonesia
March 2011
3 months 100% commission guarantee of Earthquake victims
March 2011
Launch of the Lute Series
December 2010
Opens 3rd Salon in Malaysia
November 2010
Opens 2nd Salon in Malaysia
October 2010
Launch of Naturally Plus in Korea
July 2010
3rd generation Izumio increase volume from 180 ml to 200ml per bottle
April 2010
Naturally Plus launches 3rd product Paramylon ARX
December 2009
Launch of Naturally Plus in Malaysia
October 2009
Official sponsor of the Garuda Bali International Marathon
June 2009
Professional Golfer Shigeki Maruyama as official spokesman
November 2008
Launch of Naturally Plus in Singapore
October 2008
Official sponsor of the Beijing International Marathon 2008
September 2008
Establish the Naturally Plus Childrens Fund
July 2008
First「Clean the Community Caravan」
March 2008
5th generation Super Lutein - addition of Crocetin
January 2008
2nd generation Izumio - increased hydrogen content
April 2007
Launch of 2nd product hydrogen rich water, Izumio
April 2007
Launch Naturally Plus in Hong Kong
September 2006
Official sponsor of FIA World Rally Championship Rally Japan
July 2006
Opens third Salon in Taiwan
March 2006
4th generation Super Lutein - multi-carotenoid nutritional supplement
July 2005
Opens both Hokkaido and Fukuoka Salon
June 2005
Opens second Salon in Taiwan
May 2005
Joins the Association of International Foods & Nutrition (AIFN)
April 2004
Launch first international office in Taipei Taiwan
November 2003
3rd generation Super Lutein Increased amount/capsule of 5 carotenoids
September 2003
Opens the Osaka Salon
August 2003
Official sponsor of Yokohama F. Marinos professional soccer team
April 2003
Official sponsor of Miss Universe Japan 2003
October 2002
First National Convention FESTA 2002
September 2001
2nd generation Super Lutein - Addition of cassis polyphenol
April 2000
Naturally Plus begins support of Japan Guide Dog Association (JGDA)
March 1999
Naturally Plus is established and sales of Super Lutein begin