We asked ourselves if it was possible to find an ingredient that enhances the strengths of SUPER LUTEIN and at the same time, add a new power and benefit to it. What we came up with was SUPER LUTEIN MIRTO+.

SUPER LUTEIN MIRTO+ is the synergistic combination of the water-soluble antioxidant MIRTOGENOL® and the fat-soluble antioxidant lutein. MIRTOGENOL® is a combination of PYCNOGENOL® and MIRTOSELECT®. This hails to be a breakthrough in Naturally Plus’ product development.

SUPER LUTEIN MIRTO+ contains a well-balanced combination of carotenoids found in brightly colored vegetables plus the power of MIRTOGENOL®. Over the years, it has been well-loved by customers, and has grown into a brand representative of the Naturally Plus quality standard.

To support your quest for a healthy lifestyle, Naturally Plus tirelessly endeavours to discover, develop and incorporate beneficial ingredients into our products.

Dr Strong FESTA 2018