1. What does NDS stand for?

NDS stands for Naturally (Plus) Data Station. It is the formal name for your Back Office system and interface.

2. Are the characters case-sensitive when I enter, create, or reset my password?

Yes, the characters are case-sensitive (for example: Aa14crAN3xp would need to be entered exactly in that same format).

3. Why can’t I change my shipping address for my first order?

All initial orders are fulfilled according to what is on that person’s credit card billing address. This is a security feature that cannot be changed for the initial order due to VISA, MasterCard, and Discover restrictions.

4. My order didn’t go through. Why didn’t the system accept my credit card?

The credit card processor uses an Address Verification Service (AVS) that checks the address you provide with the address that is listed on file with your credit card company. If it did not go through, that was because the AVS address does not match what you entered in. Please double-check with your credit card company to accurately confirm the address listed on file.

5. Can someone with a Northern Mariana Islands address sign up as a new member with NPUSA?

Yes, they can. The Northern Mariana Islands are a U.S. Commonwealth, which includes Saipan. For formatting, please use the guide below to help you with formatting:

Address Line 1: P.O. Box 12345
Address Line 2: 1 PMB 123 PPP
City: Saipan, State: MP, ZIP: 96950-1234

6. What is an Affiliate?

An Affiliate is a registered distributor of NPUSA products and has the privilege of purchasing NPUSA products at a significant discount from the retail price. Affiliates can also participate in the NPUSA compensation plan and earn commissions from product purchases.

7. What is a Preferred Customer?

A Preferred Customer is a customer that can purchase NPUSA products at a discount from the retail price by signing up for autoship. Unlike an Affiliate, Preferred Customers cannot sponsor nor earn commissions. Preferred Customers may upgrade to Affiliate through the Preferred Customer Back Office.

8. What is a Retail Customer?

A Retail Customer is a customer that can purchase NPUSA products at the retail price from an Affiliate’s Marketing Site.

9. What is a Marketing Site?

A Marketing Site is the NPUSA hosted and template-based website that is provided for every Affiliate upon joining NPUSA. Affiliates can use their Marketing Site to share information on the NPUSA products and business opportunities.

10. Who is eligible to join as an Affiliate ?

The criteria for eligibility must satisfy all the following requirements:

  • Be at least 18 years old or older
  • Has a Social Security Number
  • Has a Credit Card or Debit Card for purchasing products
  • Has a sponsor and
  • Lives in the US and its territories, and has a valid shipping address in the 50 States and the associated Commonwealth regions.

11. Can I register as a corporation?

Yes, a corporation can be registered and a Tax ID Number for this business entity must be provided. If you do not have a valid Tax ID Number for your business entity, you must register as a sole proprietor and use your social security number.

12. What are the 6M Plan and 12M Plan?

The 6M and 12M Plans are purchasing options available upon joining NPUSA. By joining with a 6M Plan, the Affiliate makes a purchase of 6 products and receives a complementary product. The 6M Plan also keeps the purchasing Affiliate active for 6 months. The Sponsor and qualified uplines receive 100 points for 6 months. By joining with a 12M Plan, the Affiliate makes a purchase of 12 products and receives two complementary products. The 12M Plan also keeps the purchasing Affiliate active for 12 months. The Sponsor and qualified uplines receive 100 points for 12 months.

13. What are the payment options for NPUSA products?

The payment options for all transactions involve a credit card (MasterCard, VISA, or Discover) or debit card.

14. How do I qualify to earn commissions?

In order for an Affiliate to earn commissions, they must:

  • Be Active
  • Maintain Customer Volume: at least 1 Active Preferred or Retail Customer
  • Maintain at least 1 Active PSP
  • Achieve the requirements of each bonus program

15. What does it mean to be “Active”?

To be considered Active within the system, the Affiliate must purchase NPUSA products to produce over 100 points.

16. What does PSP stand for?

PSP stands for Personally Sponsored Person (also known as Personally Sponsored Position). A PSP can either be an Affiliate (Base Centers included) or Preferred Customer that you personally sponsored/enrolled.

17. Does having one Active Preferred Customer fulfill both the qualification requirement of maintaining Customer Volume and maintaining one Active PSP?

Yes. One Active Preferred Customer fulfills both maintaining Customer Volume and Active PSP.

18. What are the commission/bonus programs for NPUSA Affiliates?

NPUSA offers eight different bonus programs to earn income. Download and read through the NPUSA Compensation Plan Brochure for further details.

19. What is the NPUSA payout cycle?

The NPUSA payout cycle closes every Friday and is paid the second Wednesday after the closing date (date of payment may change depending on national and/or corporate holidays).

20. What is the method of paying commissions?

NPUSA will distribute commissions directly using ACH (Automated Clearing House network). Payment will be pooled until payable commission exceeds $50.

21. What is the default placement rule?

The NPUSA Compensation Plan talks about the default placement rule in detail. Download and read the brochure for more information.

22. Is there manual placement?

Yes, your NPUSA Affiliate business ownership allows for you to set up manual placement within your organization. The NPUSA Compensation Plan talks about manual placement in detail. Please take note of the process so you can benefit from your ability to strategically build your organization. Download and read the brochure for more information.

23. How many points would I receive per product?

The following list will help you determine how many points Affiliates receive per product:

  • MIRTO+: 150 pts
  • Super Lutein: 100 pts
  • Super Euglena: 100 pts
  • IZUMIO: 100 pts
  • AURAGE Cleansing Plus: 50 pts
  • AURAGE Rich Formula: 100 pts
  • AURAGE Gracious Cream: 100 pts
  • LIFTANT: 100 pts

Points per bottle may change depending on volume discounts or promotions.

24. How much is the Annual Renewal Fee?

$30.00 is automatically charged to the registered Credit Card or Debit Card on the Affiliate’s yearly registration anniversary date.

25. What are Base Centers (BC)?

Base Centers are business subsidiaries. Upon joining NPUSA, you are provided with 1 Base Center, BC001. Having additional Base Centers increases the Affiliate’s income potential.

26. What are the World Leadership Invitational (WLI) and ELEVATE programs?

The World Leadership Invitational (WLI) was the first incarnation of Naturally Plus USA’s incentive trip program custom-designed to give Affiliates the chance to reap the program’s rewards for taking their business to the next level. In 2020, NPUSA launched Project elev8: a new program that aimed to nurture and develop advanced business skills for Affiliates in order to strengthen and grow their businesses. Project elev8 (2020-2021) and its successor ELEVATE (2022-present) includes a reward component in which Affiliates who qualify and satisfy certain requirements are eligible to go on an incentive trip (or receive an equivalent gift from corporate). Considered as a result of WLI’s logical evolution, ELEVATE’s incentive trip component successfully replaced WLI for 2022 and beyond.

27. How do I achieve the ELEVATE program?

Qualification for each ELEVATE period starts on September 1 through August 31 of the following year. Qualifications are based on achieving each milestone level depending on what an Affiliate’s status is at the start of each fiscal year or ELEVATE program.

New & Existing Members:

  • LEFT: 5,000 pts | RIGHT: 5,000 pts
  • Root Tapping Depth: 7 levels
  • Real Team Recruits (RTR): 24
  • Achieve Frontier once by August


  • LEFT: 5,000 pts | RIGHT: 5,000 pts
  • Root Tapping Depth: 7 levels
  • Real Team Recruits (RTR): 24
  • Achieve Frontier once between September & August


  • LEFT: 10,000 pts | RIGHT: 10,000 pts
  • Root Tapping Depth: 7 levels
  • Real Team Recruits (RTR): 40


  • LEFT: 40,000 pts | RIGHT: 40,000 pts
  • Root Tapping Depth: 7 levels
  • Real Team Recruits (RTR): 80

28. Do I earn Points from the products that I purchase?

Each product is worth a certain number of points. These points are only eligible to be counted towards compensation or bonus if the Affiliate’s status is “active”. If the Affiliate is not active, all qualified uplines will not earn points from the inactive Affiliate’s purchase either. It is best to remember that if the goal is to earn compensation, being “active” and maintaining an “active” PSP are the qualifiers for actual bonus point earnings.

29. When will my credit card be charged for my autoship?

Normally, your credit card will be charged on the scheduled autoship date (which is your registration date’s monthly anniversary date). However, if the scheduled autoship date falls on a weekend, it will then be charged on the Friday before the weekend.

30. How long does it take for my product to arrive?

It takes 1-2 business days for the order to be processed prior to shipping out. The list below will provide you an idea of when to expect your order to arrive after the order is processed

  • Yamato Delivery (Hawaii) – 1-6 days
  • USPS (Hawaii) – 1-6 days – An extra charge of $8.99
  • FedEx SmartPost – 1-9 days
  • USPS (Continental US) – 1-6 days
  • FedEx Ground – 1-6 days
  • FedEx SmartPost (Continental US) 1-9 days
  • FedEX SmartPost (Alaska) 14+ days – An extra charge of $5.99
  • USPS Priority (Alaska) 5-10 business days – An extra charge of $49.99

31. How does autoship work?

Autoship allows you to automate your orders on a monthly basis so that you never have to worry about placing an order as it will be generated, charged and shipped automatically on your monthly autoship/registration date.

32. Can I change a member's placement after they are registered?

Yes, but you must send an email request to Customer Service at info@npusainc.com within three (3) days of the new member’s registration date.

33. What are the hours of operation for customer service?

The Customer Service department’s hours of operation are 9:30am to 5pm (PST), Monday through Friday

34. How do I close a Base Center?

Please contact NPUSA if you would like to close/terminate a Base Center or return any products.

35. If I cancel my membership, how long do I have to wait to become a member again?

If you canceled your membership, you would have to wait six months before you can re-register as an Affiliate.

36. Does NPUSA have discount pricing if I buy more than one bottle?

The 6M and 12M subscriptions are available when first joining as an Affiliate or Preferred Customer. Preferred Customers can also enjoy volume discounts during signup as well, by taking advantage of the 2-pack and 3-pack options (available only for MIRTO+, Super Lutein and IZUMIO).

37. Are Naturally Plus USA products sold in stores?

NPUSA does not sell any of its products in retail stores. All products are distributed through Naturally Plus Affiliates’ own online shops and shipped via NPUSA fulfillment (located in Riverside, California and Honolulu, Hawaii). If you see any retail of NPUSA products, these are not in accordance with the Naturally Plus Affiliate Agreement.

38. If I'm an Affiliate, would my income be taxed?

NPUSA will send a 1099 form to any Affiliate that earns $600.00 or more annually.

39. Is there a limit on bonuses being paid out?

No, there is no limit to the potential payout of the Compensation Plan.

40. How can I see my BC002 and/or BC003's status in my back office?

To see the status of your other Base Centers, log into your back office. Click "TEAM MANAGER" and choose "List of BC/EC."

41. How do Preferred Customers upgrade to become an Affiliate?

Preferred Customers may upgrade to become an Affiliate member in their NDS for a $30 upgrade fee. This serves as your Affiliate Registration fee that will be a recurring renewal each year thereafter.

42. I can't seem to log in to the back office. What should I do?

Make sure you are doing the following:

  • You are at the Affiliate Login Page (nds2.naturally-plus.com).
  • That you are NOT on your Marketing Site’s “LOGIN” page (your Marketing Site’s login is for Retail Customers only).
  • You have the right password and you typed it in correctly (characters are case-sensitive).
  • If you do not remember your password, you can reset it from the login page.