AURAGE - Formula


AURAGE Skincare Routine

AURAGE provides a simple skincare routine in the form of 3 daytime essential care products. It is a multi-function skincare routine※2 that pursues the effective experience※1 of a relaxing spa-like process. Furthermore, it focuses on delivering skincare effects that leaves you feeling refreshed.

On top of a 4 additive-free formula, AURAGE also focuses on achieving an aromatic formula with a smooth texture derived from natural ingredients, and so the essential oils of the queen of roses - "Damask Rose"※3 and "Eglantine Rose"※4, are added to this formula.

Approach the core of beauty while basking in comfort from morning to night. The day-to-day improvements on the skin will increase your expectations on your beauty.

AURAGE is Infused with Elegant Aromatic Rose Essential Oil

Grown in the Rose Valley of Bulgaria, Damask Rose essential oil is extracted from high quality roses and is popular for its unique and sophisticated scent. Blended with wild roses essential oil produced in Italy, you can enjoy your skincare routine with the elegant scent of the roses.

4 Additive-Free

Silicone-free, mineral oil free, no artificial colors, and paraben-free

Allergy Tested

Please note that this does not guarantee that all users will not experience allergy or skin irritation.

※1 Experience refers to the impression from use
※2 Refers to skin care appropriate to one's age
※3 Rosa damascena flower oil (aromatic component)
※4 Rosa canina fruit oil (aromatic