Success Stories

Success Stories


Summit Member

United States of America

Personal Growth, Income Growth through NPUSA

In mid-2017, Summit Achiever Hiroe Daswani crossed a major threshold. She started earning $10,000 per month and/or $100,000 per year through her NPUSA business. A resident of Santa Monica, California, she gets inspiration from as far away as Hawaii and Japan.

Back in December 2013 when Daswani joined NPUSA, her eyes were already on the Spirit Bonus.

"I was serious about the Spirit Bonus because I thought it was a great opportunity," she says. "My motivation was my circle of friends in Hawaii, and the possibility of earning income."

In business as in life, says Daswani, it's important to aim for growth and surround yourself with people who aid in this.

"I'm always growing and changing," she says.

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