Success Stories

Success Stories


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United States of America

Success Like Never Before

Like many NPUSA members, Ruth Cates has worked with many MLM companies; and just like many others, Ruth did not find success with those companies. She noted she always put in more money than she ever received.

That all changed when she was introduced to Naturally Plus by her upline, Sunday Kenison. She describes her NPUSA experience as, “I’ve never been with a company before that gave me so much success.” However, she does not take credit for all of her accomplishments on her own, but recognizes her team’s efforts and achievements leading her to where she is now.

With her newfound prosperity, she expresses appreciation for where it’s taken her and her family. “I’ve never imagined to be where I am. It’s helped me financially and because of that I’m able to help my family and I can retire sooner!”

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