Success Stories

Success Stories


Summit Member

United States of America

Realizing Dreams Across the Pacific

Yoshiko Motegi registered with Naturally Plus in Japan in 2008 with intentions to her help friend. However, becoming part of Naturally Plus ended up helping herself to a greater degree.

When she was first introduced to the company, Ms. Motegi was quite skeptical about network marketing. Her gradual exposure to more established Affiliates, however, showed that anyone can be successful at Naturally Plus.

Ms. Motegi had so many concerns about her future and her financial well-being. She also aspired to move to the United States. Her decision to join provided her a means to fulfill those wishes -- she embraced the idea that the business was a way to ease her anxiety of uncertainty, while at the same time laying a foundation that would make her dreams come true.

With dedication, inspiration, and perseverance, she has indeed fulfilled those dreams by ascending to the Summit level and moving to the United States. Her success, however, hasn't stopped there; today, she continues to fulfill more dreams and goals. "Naturally Plus has changed my life!", Ms. Motegi professes.

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