Success Stories

Success Stories


Summit Member

United States of America

Just like Practicing the Piano

Tomoko obtained her doctoral degree in piano and currently teaches piano at home. She joined Naturally Plus in December 2016,
after meeting the legendary Yoko Yamada through her sponsor Kanako Canlas. Fascinated by Yoko's story, Tomoko thought NP's business plan was fair and simple for everybody, and that the products looked very promising as well.

Luckily, Tomoko found out that another wonderful mentor lived in the same town in NJ. Yukari Matsumoto was a nutritionist and also a very successful person in the MLM industry.
After meeting these 2 mentors, Tomoko decided to take on the challenge, despite the fact that she did not have any network marketing experience.

Tomoko approached the Naturally Plus business with the same level of effort and focus, similar to when she first started learning the piano. She firmly believes that everyone needs to gain knowledge of products, company, and business plan, and then continue honing the craft by taking action!

Tomoko achieved the Summit level in April 2020. Now using online communications as part of her tools for network marketing, she intends to do all that she can to inspire her team members in achieving their goals and dreams to a healthier and wealthier life.

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