Success Stories

Success Stories


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United States of America

Living a Fulfilling and Purposeful Life

Naoko Kono began taking Naturally Plus products in 2014, but was not interested in the business side of NPUSA. It was not until her health took a turn that she began to start to consider becoming a more active and business-minded Affiliate because she could no longer continue working as many hours as a part-time tour guide. Naoko then decided to take advantage of the business opportunity NPUSA has to offer.

However, Mr. Tajima, noticed that she was not as committed to the business as she could be. He called her in 2017 and told her, “You can allow yourself to go beyond and have an even more successful life.” His words motivated Naoko and gave her confidence she did not have before. Therein, her passion and self-image grew stronger and her desire to dream became bigger.

Since her renewed motivation, Naoko has reaped more than just financial wealth. She has also reaped the benefit of personal growth, leadership development, relationship-building and management skills. Naoko adds, “My primary driver and key for success has been and continues to be empowering others through this business. It is my great joy and honor to support other NP members and contribute to the growth of this company.”

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