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Success Stories


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United States of America

From Skeptic to Fan

Maki Morioka previously worked as an external auditor. In 2012, she suffered a nervous breakdown that resulted in severe clinical depression and chronic panic attacks. Her ailments prevent her from dealing with the stress of typical work environments so she resigned from being an external auditor.

She first heard of Naturally Plus in 2000 when a friend first introduced it to her. However, Maki declined the invitation. Years later when Maki heard about Naturally Plus again, she was informed that the company was opening an office in the United States. She was skeptical at first, but decided to do more research which included speaking with Yoko Yamada directly, one of Naturally Plus Japan’s top Million Dollar Earners. She then decided to give it a chance.

Building a business with NPUSA has proven to be the most ideal work environment for Maki. She is able to work from home at her own pace. She notes that she was happily surprised that she was able to continue to grow her business while working in a more secluded location such as Mount Shasta.

She states, “I couldn’t believe it. Even living and working in a place as secluded as Mount Shasta for a year, I was still able to grow and earn income. It truly attests to how much financial freedom I have because of Naturally Plus USA!”

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