Success Stories

Success Stories


Summit Member

United States of America

Success and Self-Reflection

Shizuko Kobayashi began her journey with NPUSA on January 2015. Shizuko took a chance and started taking advantage of the business opportunity presented to her by a friend. She was hesitant at first, but continued on after she began earning a monthly bonus. It was then that she realized that this new stream of business revenue is the real deal. Soon after, she was recognized as Spirit Member and attended Leadership Retreat.

During the Retreat, she was able to look closely into her new role as one of Santa Fe’s leading members.

“My experience with NPUSA is a journey for self-improvement. I have never looked at myself so closely before. I asked myself, ‘What kind of person am I? What kind of person do I want to be?’”

She credits NPUSA CEO, Mr. Tajima, her upline Midori Kikuchi and her team members in regards to her self-reflection.

Four years later, Shizuko has decided “to enjoy every step of the business, even when it sometimes gets rocky.” With a positive outlook to help guide her, she’s keen on looking forward to her future achievements she achieves along with her teammates.

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