Success Stories

Success Stories


CFC Achiever

United States of America

Anything is Possible!

Satomi Watson has her eyes on the prize and more! She is a busy single mom working alongside her business partner Midori Kikuchi to spread the word of Naturally Plus all across the United States, and it’s been paying off immensely.

She is grateful for the financial benefits she and her family have received since joining Naturally Plus, “As a single parent from a foreign country, it was difficult to make a living and provide for my family. The benefits we received have been an immense help for me and my family. NPUSA has opened up so many opportunities for us.”

However, she’s received more than just financial advantages since joining. She also gives a nod to Naturally Plus for her personal development. She states, “Thanks to NPUSA, I have grown as a person and as the leader I have always wanted to be – a person with passion and great confidence.”

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