NEW! Customers' Free Product Program


NPUSA enthusiastically launches the “Customers’ Free Product Program”, specifically for Preferred Customers! This new bonus program starting September 1st, 2016 allows Preferred Customers to earn a free product of their choice when they sign up a new Preferred Customer. The Customers’ Free Product Program encourages Preferred Customers to share their passion for NPUSA’s groundbreaking products with others!

Naturally Plus is not a company that is chained down by tradition, but rather dares to find new ways for its members to achieve a better life. One of those new ways is to continuously improve the bonus programs available to NPUSA members. This new bonus program is now the 9th bonus available in the NPUSA compensation plan. It’s a compelling new way members can earn commissions and lead the industry with an emphasis on product use. Dare to share the benefits of NPUSA’s unique products, and dare to be at the heart of Naturally Plus’ movement to reach, “A Million Smiles, A Billion Dollars!”